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Here's my viewpoint. When I'm on the last story boss and he's kicking my ***, who's at my side? Another player? companion. And given the difficulty of the fight, my comp should be geared just as well as I am. So yeah, I say need for companions. And for those who whine about it, here's a brand new concept for you: you can need for your comps too!
Yeah great. Do that if you like; enjoy being on my ignore list. I've never, ever seen a group turn down someone's request to need for a companion, provided no-one else already needed for their main spec. Literally never. It's just common courtesy.

If you can't do the last story boss without needing better gear on your companion than the regular blue and green drops you get through questing, you either need to learn to play your classes better or to ensure you're not too far below the recommended level. I've killed the final bosses for Consular, Smuggler, Agent and Inquisitor without any help and without over-geared companions. The only one that gave me any difficulty was Consular, and that was because of tricky fight mechanics that had to be learnt, not gear.
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