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10.27.2012 , 03:48 AM | #2644
Just had a look at the thread in general, lets just say I'm staying well away for the sake of what remains of my sanity - I tend to type first then think later and don't want to get culled again (such a sad end for words to be destroyed like that, but I digress).

I'm currently playing on the Test Server, mainly because I wanted y to play a smuggler again (she's such a snarky one, almost as fun as snarkyHawke in DA2), also wanted to see what shinies I might get with my free cartel coins - which appear to have adopted the nickname 'cacos' over there.

Am at the last level of Coruscant now, hopefully will get to Tatooine before I lose internet in a week or so (moving house, new internet not going on until 6 December, Can use the shared on in the pub downstairs, but not exactly conducive to safe surfing or game playing), to be able to get pics of the female ftb there. Still kicking myself that I turned her down on live >< Well, how was I to know she'd go through with it?

Anyhoo, not sure what the point of this post was, but hiya anyway