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Lets start by comparing the Discharges. Your Discharge from Surging Charge is good for 4k-5k damage when it crits, which is pretty damn good for an instant ability. The Discharge from Arika's spec is good for 4k damage (with 2-3 dot cirts out of 8 ticks) every single cast, and its spammable. Arika's Discharge will do 10 times the damage of your Discharge through out any WZ.
Um, you do realize Arika spec doesn't run lightening charge...right? So it doesn't do more damage...And you don't get Raze lol. That stuff is noted in my linked skill tree.

That does not sound like much, but it is definitely better. DF will crit 20% harder, again not alot, but better.
Really, you're gonna take 20% crit over 50% crit on Shock (which has a very short cd compared to Death Field) and Discharge?

The Main thing you left out though was the Raze procs, pretty big
Also nonexistent, Raze only procs on things affected by Lightening Discharge, which Arika doesn't use. If you think Arika should/can run Lightening Charge you're just wrong on a whole other level.

Arika has some healing back, granted probably not going to make a difference in a 1v1, but I still rake in 15k-30k healing in a WZ with it.
Death Field heal is basically worthless without speccing into Devour which you won't do unless you are full Madness. Irrelevant.

Instant Whirlwind has a 30m range and lasts 8 seconds with a 2 second stun if broken. The bad thing is its on a long 1min cooldown. Low Blow is only 4 seconds and only used with in 4m, but does some pretty sexy damage as well as very short Cool down. I would personally give this one a tie, picking either of these is a win. They are both very nice abilities.
Low Slash fills MUCH less resolve, does some damage and has a quarter the cooldown. Not a tie.

I have really tried to dig down and support your claim here but I just do not see how your spec can do more damage or even out burst the Arika spec. To recap, Arika has a much better Discharge, 5% better damage with all standard melee attacks, little bit better DF and Raze proc Crushing Darkness is way better than Shock. How do you figure that your spec can do more damage when every single one of your abilities you have, Arika spec can do better.
Arika's Discharge does 50% LESS crit damage. Arika's shock does 50% LESS crit damage. Arika doesn't use Raze and thus, never uses Crushing Darkness.

So basically, you get 20% crit damage on Death Field and a paltry melee bonus. And it misses out on huge crit damage on Shock/Discharge, Low Slash, 10 extra force, 30% AoE damage reduction, more or less 6% flat damage reduction, Low Slash, Saber Conduit regen and Static Charges. NOT WORTH IT
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