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10.27.2012 , 03:19 AM | #6
I played ST spec since December 2011. It is a viable PvP spec, but it takes a lot of practice to play right.

1v1, this spec is absolutely worthless. You have no burst DPS at all, and almost every class with exception of DPS Mercenary and Commando will murder you. Healers will just LOL-heal your damage. If you want to see the big numbers over enemy heads, this is not the class for you. Damage of ST spec is abysmal.

In group PvP is where ST shines. I always take control of the turrets/objectives and guard them. It takes a long time for anyone to kill me with 24k health and 1250 expertise; and while they are killing me, I can call in back up and save the point. In mass combat situation, I guard the healer, fire my taunt darts at enemy DPS characters, and disrupt the enemy healers with quell, stun dart, and carbonize. When paired with good healer I can tank four people consistently.

As far as abilities go, this class is very fun to play. I really enjoy it. You have pull, jet charge, carbonize, flame sweep, DFA, guard, taunt darts, rocket punch, unload, and flame thrower. In Huttball I can play Tim Teebow on steroids when there is a good healer and off-tank present. I can walk the ball into the end-zone while being pummeled by all eight enemy players.

For the build, I have 32/7/2. All of my augments are Reflex Augments +12 Endurance, +18 Aim.

That being said, give the class a try. Find yourself a healer, team up with him and play for objectives. I find playing ST very fun and rewarding. I haven't switched my spec once, even though my guild mates asked me to go DPS countless times.