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Worlds Colliding: In which Nalenne is uncharacteristically helpful to strangers. Nalenne, no spoilers except for There Is No Death, There Is Only Wrath. 1200 words.

See, this is the part that makes me giggle. And here's to a very literal interpretation of Worlds Colliding!

Prompt: Worlds Colliding

Characters: Sha’ra’zaed (agent) and Kaliyo (and Zhorrid)

Spoilers for IA story through Nar Shaddaa (middle-late Act I), including notes section. For chronology purposes, this takes place well after Defector, Exile, Émigré. I don’t have any other Sha’ra’zaed stories posted yet for this timeframe; that’s the closest one. 900 words.



Further notes concerning Darth Zhorrid, courtesy bright_ephemera (thanks a ton, Bright!): Contains spoilers for Agent Acts 1 and 2