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No, not really. My "head canon" for my characters is a fair bit different than what ends up happening on screen, in many cases. For example, while my Sith may be less wantonly thuggish and "eevil" than many others, he is in no way "an agent of the Light" as Jaesa called him after I slaughtered everyone close to her, turned her Jedi Master to the Dark Side, and then killed him because I could... somehow I still ended up with light Jaesa simply because I had 500 more LS points than DS points. My Warrior does want to change the Empire from within, but he doesn't want to radically change the Empire's socio-political structure. He firmly belives that there is a time and place for Sith power struggles and maneuvering, but he also understands that the Sith need to put the good of the people of the Empire before their personal gain.

Vette is an exceptionally useful creature, and while my character does experience some modicum of affection and perhaps even lust, she is still his property--albeit property granted a degree of autonomy. He removed her shock collar because the illusion of freedom made her more useful to him than forcing her to bear an obvious reminder of her servitude. She may be looked upon as a concubine but he would never take her as a wife and lose the ability to form an alliance with another powerful Sith family. He also would like to make sure to have legitimate Sith children, because he sees the continuance of the Sith as an important thing for the Empire.

Quinn will be tortured to within an inch of his life, restored to relative health, frozen in carbonite, and thawed once in a while for more torment. When I get bored with that, I'll thaw him out, have him demoted to a non-com, and have him given a billet on some backwater like Hoth or Tatooine.

That's as far as I've gotten with the story (Taris now), but Bioware's "your story" gimmick is just a marketing ploy.
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