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Go look at the 2500+ post thread* of this in story and lore section. No need to make another pointless thread here when bioware won't tell you when to expect it anyways.
I don't see why we shouldn't. For one, new players don't find it there. We have people come in there totally surprised to find that there has been a thread running since January.

For another, seeing new threads posted by players who have not been a part of that discussion demonstrates to the design team ongoing and continuous interest in same-gender content.

Also, how many threads are started on paid transfers, or chat bubbles, or the secret space project, or hood toggles that are not locked down and redirected? Why should the discussion of same-gender content be treated differently? That is a sincere question.

I have had a thread up these past couple of weeks attempting to confirm a statement by PvP Czar Gabe Amatangelo that he thought same-gender romance would be coming with other new story content in the future content patch which will feature the new planet, Makeb. Lead Writer Hall Hood tentatively confirmed that but then pulled his confirming statement without comment.

That is the only hint we have had regarding this content at all since last March. Given that it was initially announced in September, 2011, I don't think it is unreasonable to request an update.

Given that other anticipated pending content enjoys discussion in multiple threads on General, not in secluded sub-forums, I don't see why this thread would be out of place and out of line.

Edit *that thread has run continuously since January 17th. It has been re-made six times by the Community Support team when it grows overly long in any one version. In total, it has had over 7,500 posts and over 500,000 views. Oh, and one non-informative BW reply. I think we can be excused branching out a bit, if that is the response we get for staying in our ghetto.