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CHRONICLES PRESENT, 31: In which Quinn recruits a Sith

Time period: After Quinn leaves

"Our first stop is a little planet called Nosovil III." Captain Rutau practically bubbled with excitement on every step of the mission. "Lieutenant Hareth is a pureblood Sith, but Force-blind. She worked up to colonel in the past, but something happened involving the Hero of Tython, and she…well, now she's working a little planet called Nosovil III as a lieutenant."

"The Jedi has that effect on people," said Quinn.

"That's right, you've met him, haven't you?"

"Met and driven from the field, though I was unable to kill him. I can imagine he has ruined many a career."

"So they say. Maybe we'll get our shot at him someday."

"Yes," said Quinn. "I look forward to meeting him now that I can operate weapons again."


Lieutenant Hareth greeted Quinn and Rutau with an almost cartoonishly tight salute. "Sir," she said. "It's an honor to meet the commander of Insanity Company." Her crimson eyes flashed. "They say it has a higher fatality rate than any unit in the Imperial Army."

Quinn inclined his head slightly. "At ease, Lieutenant. I intend to change that statistic. Without compromising work performance, of course."

"Oh," she said. She sounded disappointed. "It is the greatest of glories to die for the Emperor."

"In my experience," said Quinn, "it is a far more effective use of resources to live for the Emperor. Risking one's life is necessary but discarding it is generally considered inadvisable."

"He will grant us eternal life once we are consumed for His glory."

Rutau cleared his throat. "Lieutenant, that isn't an official policy that I'm aware of. In fact, I don't think it's true at all."

"The one time I died in service of the Empire," added Quinn, "I was not granted any particular advantage."

"They do say you're unkillable now, sir," said Rutau.

"That's an exaggeration, Captain. It's just that being killed again would be less of an inconvenience for me than for most."

"Let me serve you in the Emperor's will," blazed Hareth. "Truly your death and return has marked you as one of the chosen."

"Lieutenant," Quinn said coldly, "participation in death cults is strictly forbidden under Army policy."

Hareth blinked. "Did I say all that? Of course, sir."

"How many of your demotions were imposed as a direct consequence of cultist activities?" Quinn asked suspiciously.

"Only two of them, sir."

"You shouldn't seek death," Rutau said earnestly. "There's a job to do, Lieutenant. You ought to ignore dying 'til that's done."

Quinn nodded. "I did. Now. Are you ready to go? There is a great deal to do."

The Force-blind Sith hefted a bag. "Ready to move out, sir."

"No dying on the way," Rutau said firmly. "Insanity Company's not even started yet."

Notes, mild JK spoilers:
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