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10.26.2012 , 06:10 PM | #16
We should all use the same chat channel, it would make alot more sense than using one for each faction. An Agenda would be nice as would a chairperson and scribe so we aren't just talking off subject or talking over each other like fktrds. I suggest we post agenda items on here and 1 hr before the meeting I can consolidate the items and make an agenda. I'll link it in chat when we meet. I don't mind chairing or facilitating the meeting but I we'll need a volunteer for scribe as I'm terrible at that task.

Before we begin the serious discussions it would be of value to have a round of introductions from the GM's present so we know which guilds are represented. A simple intro such as your guild name, faction, your name your officers present and size your guild roster and current active players at peak times should suffice.

I would like to add the following to the agenda

Server Population Concerns and possible AP server merge
(general information gathering about what people's concerns and thoughts. please note solutions and possible actions can be discussed as another matter I just want to hear what everyone's thoughts on the matter)

Ranked PvP Times

Also join the server Facebook Group so we can co-ordinate our activities better... chk out last nights ranked pvp drinking gmae