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At this point, I'm on the verge of starting a thread demanding some info, reposting it once they close the first, and reposting it again once they close the second if need be. This lack of info is getting to be quite ridiculous.
Go for it.

As long as they decline to close every redundant thread on every popular topic and penalize the person who next opens a thread on that topic, I don't see how they can stop us from posting where we like without running afoul of their own guidelines against harrasment or discriminatory behavior.

Do be aware, however, that re-posting a closed topic can earn an infraction. If you feel that is a reasonable consequence and choose to post anyway, that's your call, and Henry David Thoreau would salute you.

I have no problem with policies applied evenly and fairly. Policies applied selectively to some topics and not to others are, of course, something quite different, and I think the Community Support team needs to think very carefully about that.