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Just a quickie before I head off to my bed - there is a mod for Kotor that allows male Revan to romance Carth - I can't remember the exact name of the mod but a quick Google should find it relatively easily.

Speaking of DA2, I accidentally, erm procured Serendipity's services at the Rose with my completely ladies only Lady Hawke. I head-canon it so they sit around and play cards for a few hours - Serendipity gets the night off and Lady Hawke gets to keep Isabela guessing hehe.

As an addendum to that - the player's visit to the rose is actually the cause of the now infamous 'Awkward' line at Serendipity's presence in the Assassin DLC. That line was only supposed to trigger if Hawke had, um, befriended many of the Rose's workers - including Serendipity herself. Serendipity then says how they're 'all looking forward to seeing Hawke again soon' or some such hence Talis' 'Awkward'. lt related to Talis being privy to Hawke's personal business, not the presence of Serendipity.
The writer was mortified when the scene played out the way it did without the correct trigger - purely a slip-up in crafting the dialogue tree not meant as any slight on serendipity as a character. And really, with the DA team's track record when it comes to LGBT characters,I never even suspected it was anything but a mistake, but totally understand how distressing it was at the time for many people.

Aand since I've had to re-write every other word, I really should go to bed now