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At this point, I'm on the verge of starting a thread demanding some info, reposting it once they close the first, and reposting it again once they close the second if need be. This lack of info is getting to be quite ridiculous.

Prior to coming back to this thread, I was willing to defend BioWare as much as reasonably possible. The mood and attitude of the posters in here, coupled with the lack of any information from anyone in-the-know (and has been posted, there have to have been people in-the-know even by the pre-launch point in development), has put me in a position of being just as willing to criticize as the rest of the people posting here regularly.

Even after F2P goes live, I intend to continue my subscription. Why? Because I hate some the F2P restrictions quite frankly, but more importantly because I love this game. I anxiously awaited this game for 3 years, didn't even care about Christmas last year because this game's launch day may as well have been my Christmas (thank you, BioWare <3), and to this day I continue to defend it against haters and doubters, and continue to enjoy this game almost as much as I was on day 1. I doubt I'm the only person in this game's player base that feels this way. So why are loyal gamers and subscribers like us still being left in the dark on such a highly demanded aspect of the game, one that's been included in past BW games and will likely make it into future ones at launch?

Many of us are sick of waiting, and your silence isn't helping defend you from any possible perspective, BioWare. Might not be a bad idea to let us know something significant to this topic before you cause irreparable damage to your reputation as one of the best game developers out there. At least in the eyes of the LGBT community, plus any additional gamers that would advocate for them.
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