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Quote: Originally Posted by Spatology View Post
Any news you get wont suffice. This is the sentiment i would take from the thousands of pages of post here.
Then you must be skimming, and not see the specific unaswered questions we are wanting addressed:

  • Will same-gender relationships be available with current companions?
  • If so, with which?
  • Will same-gender relationships be available for all eight classes?
  • If not, with which?
  • Will new relationship options be available to characters who have already fully progressed companion stories?
  • Is the awaited same-gender content on the schedule to be released with Makeb?
  • Are we still on track to see that content this year?
  • Will same-gender romance require an in-game credit or cartel coin (or any other similar) expense to unlock?

As I have said as often as I have listed these, answers to any would be appreciated. Answering all would suffice for the purposes of this thread.

Now go troll the chat bubble or secret space mission or barber shop or paid transfer people, 'kay? Thanks. Bye.