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10.26.2012 , 03:42 PM | #2625
Hello Ms. Berryman,

Just a quick question. After Free2Play drops live (I am expecting next week, as apparently "fall" is US-English for November), can we expect to see more coverage of Makeb? I believe Makeb was slated for release in 2012, and following a six-week release schedule, I've estimated the next content patch to be in the second week of December (around the 11th).

And yes, given Mr. Amatengelo's statement that same-sex content will be with Makeb, this is related to the Same Sex Discussions thread. I also propose to change the name of the Same Sex Clarifications? thread to the "Same Sex Romances Discussion Thread", seeing as nothing has been clarified in that thread, nor has there ever been any movement by Bioware to post clarifications in that thread. The name is, therefore, inherently misleading, as it implies that Bioware has intentions of explaining the nuances of same-sex content with their player base.

Eh. *shrugs* What's the worst that's going to happen? Thread's name gets changed?