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I know it's been done for Bastila/female Revan. I'm trying to work out if I can tinker with the save files to allow it for male Revan somehow. Computer literate I am not, so it's a slow process and I couldn't properly mod it myself.

We know it's going to be in SWTOR at some point. It's the lack of information that's been driving us all mad. I really do hope it's not going to disappoint when it's implemented.
It would really help if they were clear about what we can expect. There's been contradicting information out there, that was often immediately retracted (ie deleted). To me that tells me that they're likely not sure yet on how they'll implement it. Which makes it all the more obvious that we are very low priority, and they'll do something sometime when it's convenient and easy to implement. But untill that time everything's subject to change. And that makes me feel like I'm being treated as a second rate person. Obviously not treated equally. But when pressed on it, they'll suddenly pretend to be waving our banners. Which is a double betrayel, a stab in the back. I was baffled at that post coming in my FB stream about companion romances. And the articles shocked me as well. For a second I thought I had missed it in the game somehow, but then it became obvious the information was simply wrong. Enfuriating how little consideration there is for our community. And of course they're unaware, I know that, they're only heterosexual living their heteronormal lives, they probably never meet lgbt people and they don't have a clue what our lives are like. So I'm upset, but I cool down. It's not anymore inconsiderate than regular encounters in life.

But BW do take a clue, this is hitting some sore spots here, and we really want to know what is going to happen. Currently we don't experience the game equally, this is hurtful. We're being held on a leash with some soonTM and some snips. But you do like us to keep paying for a game that we are excluded from. So at least have the decency to share what we can expect. It's not just about story, it's unfortunately about more than that. And that is so because you excluded us from the beginning. So you've created this point we're at now. Fix it.

What I like to know:
How will SGR be implemented? Will we see new companions? If so, for what classes? Companions now come at different levels, will we be seeing SGR companions at certain level points? At which then? Or will you add SGR for existing companions? If so for which? And will you be changing the levels for those companions? What will happen with NPCs and flirting? If a toon has passed the level for an SGR will it go retroactive?

I think these questions can be answered without spoiling any new companions or new stories. So why is it impossible to show some courtesy to a group you've clearly neglected and continue to ignore. I hope we'll be able to leave all this behind us when SGR has finally been implented. I hope most of your playerbase will still be with you at that point, I do, this game would be fantastic if it only had SGR inclusion.
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