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10.26.2012 , 03:20 PM | #2621
Quote: Originally Posted by Tatile View Post
I think Captain may be referring to the Question of The Day, not the one with Mr. Amatangelo. I wonder if Mr. Amatangelo is available for comment...
Oh! I need to read with more care. So he is.

And yes, it was.

That was the incident (both the highlighting of companion romances when we still have NO IDEA how or who this is going to work out) that put me in such an ugly mood the other day. (Courtney Woods was able to cheer me up a bit by accepting my nomination of Ixum's movie poster thread for the Round-Up. That was as a compromise as she couldn't persuade them to run the skimped male attire thread the week before.)

I am feeling a little more even-keeled right now. Not a great deal more happy, mind, but less angry.

I do seriously question the intent behind encouraging us to keep asking here. I mean, I could see if they can't say anything, that at least wanting us to know we are free to discuss it could be meant to send an encouraging message.

But given that this thread is so out of the way that new players routinely fail to find it and given that it has never in ten months, 7,500+ posts and 500,000+ views gotten an answer, being shunted back here seems, in a word, callous.