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Any news you get wont suffice. This is the sentiment i would take from the thousands of pages of post here. Clearly for some subscribers its an End all Be all issue (its a game, grow up). From a marketing stand point, they wouldnt be stringing along subscribers if they told you exactly what was really going on....
They are milking us over this point, particularly when you consider that you can't access these forums if you aren't paying and these forums are pretty much the only way to get in contact with Bioware, although whether that's in a meaningful capacity is up for debate.

Any news would be insufficient? I suppose it depends on the news they provide, but acknowledgement would at least be nice. I get the feeling you're referring to individuals like myself, who have been quite vitriolic in the past. That's because I'm jaded against Bioware, not because the issue is so much of a game breaker for me. The game breaker is how Bioware treat their customers and that is not solely reserved for this topic. I don't appreciate their handling on the PTS (or PPS as it should be), how they seem to be so hesitant to admit bugs and faults, how they announced this new improved communication system which lasted all of six weeks, how when we complained about the quality of the Q&A they decided to destroy it completely. Hell, I don't even play PvP, but I can understand the anger and bewilderment at the new resolve system and how world PvP is not supported by the environment set-up itself.

No, same-sex content isn't the game breaker for me, but Bioware's attitude could be.