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Oh I'm sure it's been done. You know in these older games it doesn't even bother me so much. Moreover in KOTOR2 I always think the Miraluka is actually a drag queen. I feel quite comfortable romancing her. But it's 2012, and I've spend hundreds of hours in DA2. And am running the current Game of the Year (I'm sure you know which, the one where we can actually get married, like in RL Europe) for hours as well now. So expect TOR to top what's been done, not to regress. Sure 8bits games are totally retro and so, but really, I wouldn't subscribe to them.

I'm on the prog as well, my toon's Kasesro (Sorcerer lvl 18).
I know it's been done for Bastila/female Revan. I'm trying to work out if I can tinker with the save files to allow it for male Revan somehow. Computer literate I am not, so it's a slow process and I couldn't properly mod it myself.

We know it's going to be in SWTOR at some point. It's the lack of information that's been driving us all mad. I really do hope it's not going to disappoint when it's implemented.