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10.26.2012 , 03:02 PM | #2614
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sorry to be a little bit off-topic here...but I would like to be in a gay/lesbian guild...and I don't care which server or republic or Empire side...I would even make a new far I am on the German server with characters on both if anyone will build a new Gay/lesbian guild please let me know, alright??

also back to topic...I usually drop by here once a week or so...and I am sad to hear that the mood has changed here about the same-sex thingie...I don't know why BW keeps ignoring us..and I still hope that there will be a same-sex realationsip here..I won't give up hope and also you shouldn't...please fight...
D'aww... you make me want to load my rainbow cannons with cupcakes again :3

When Free2Play drops next week (I expect it next week) I'll start pestering them again. Perhaps I should make a collection of rainbows and kittens? I *********** love kittens.