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10.26.2012 , 02:36 PM | #2608
Sounds like it's time for a new LGBT Guild. I'm also on the EU servers and an Imp.

I've only recently started playing swtor. I had access to Early Access but was so angry over the clear choice to be exclusive of LGBT people that I simply refused to play. But the KOTOR games have been my favourite games and I recently played KOTOR2 again after I found the game in a box. Hence my curiosity got the better of me. I'm very displeased to see that my expectations of BW not implementing it (soonTM) have been true. And this forum and many users that have been posting since well before the game had been released I have not seen in this thread at all. That's a real shame.
That said, I like so much about this game. It looks awesome, it works the way I expect BW games to work, and I like the story quite a bit so far (Sith Sorcerer now, in the tombs at Dromund Kaas). As a big Star Wars fan who has most of the EU literature it's been great seeing the stuff I've been reading about come to 3D life. And that's not been a disappointment. But I'm also disappointed. The first day I was already bothered by members in general and group chat talking about tinnies (hear the clear misunderstanding of Clone Wars ROFL). Huge colliflowers these babes seem to have. I'd love to comment on package sizes, but that would no doubt start some flames. And then there are the flirt options, I'm happy I've not seen many, but it's a slap in the face if I see heteronormal flirts up, and know that I'm not likely to see (soonTM) anything I'd respond to. And that bothers me a lot. It makes me feel like turning the game of and starting the Xbox and continue playing games where I am not denyed being my own non heteronormal person.

I'll at least be playing another 70 or so days until my subscription ends, but I have to see about later. Thanks for the heads up about the smuggler and trooper class, if I'd started there I probably would have uninstalled the game by now.

I'd much appreciate it, BW, if you could be clear about the when, and how of the inclusion. That way I can use this time to prepare myself for when it does happen. And as you've been treating me as a second rate consumer whose preferences don't matter as much as those of the heteronormal (you've clearly made that distinction by not including LGBT characters) male players, I do think it'd be a start of correcting this grave error on your part.

Another poster saw this as a Demo mode, that's very similar to how I've been experiencing it. It doesn't feel done. Some features are missing. But I'm exploring it, and can't wait for it to be ready so I can enjoy it's full features as well.

And I'm sorry to hear ladies that you can't be an equal evil flirt amongst hetero men. That's awfully sexist.
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