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It's not really that I imagine I can change their opinion, but I really cannot fathom their reasoning. To me it's obvious why you'd have same-sex content in a game, I put it on par with having the option to play non-whites and women*, it's a matter of allowing choice. People say that it's some sort of "agenda", that it's all politics, but really it's more political to deliberately not allow player choice in a video game. There's a certain amount of airey-fairy-ness if people genuinely believe that the entertainment industry exists in a vacuum from the rest of the world - which is really how it seems some people are, when they call out for not having inclusion in their video games.

I'm reminded of something I saw on tumblr: This money has been handled by gay people, if that distresses you, please give the money away.

*I really have homophobia so tied up in my brain, I cannot separate it from racism and misogyny. I... really! honestly, I can't... they seem intrinsically linked somehow... you're discriminating against a person for an arbitrary reason... *shrugs*

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Never mind so many unpleasant things you can do in the game, SGRs are a special kind of evil! Oh noes! It will be as optional as picking a DS choice but I don't see anyone asking for those to be removed. You have a good point concerning understanding their reasoning. I'd love to know why some of these people think it's fine to have your character torture, steal and murder for a laugh but consider same-sex relationships in the game to be so awful.

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