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10.26.2012 , 12:38 PM | #6
Hello Bioware.

I'm writting to you as a competitive PvP'er and a fan of your product, who's been playing since release.

I've been participating with guild mates in server organised arena-like PvP tournaments ( in ToFN) lately, and it serves my best interest when it comes to arenas (by far my biggest interest in an MMO, like to many other players, actually way more than you know). But I also realise that it's a 100% community based effort to put this kind of event up, and not even the organisers can prevent certain mishaps from taking place, nor it does provide any kind of status for the participants (except the fun you fail to provide us with) since there's no system created by you which can back it up (i.e: Rating). All I see is your clients doing your job.

When viewing the list of such events throughout all the SW:TOR servers, I was appalled about the crushing predominance of PvP, arena-like tournaments there are in it. Which, in my opinion, goes only to show the relavance of this type of competitve gameplay has for the majority of your PvP'ers, and how much you've lacked in taking it into account.

That being said, I'll make yet another appeal for your game developer's common sense - in order to have this game to take the next big step it undoubtly needs - and at least consider putting some thought into the matter of creating Arenas in SW:TOR, even using the same MMR system as there is at the moment for RWZ's. That's an idea you should take while it's still time.

Just putting it out there,