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Personally I'd prefer to see 1x or 2x commendations per boss (not chest) and a small number for the weekly quest... totalling the same number as planned.
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An interesting idea but it won't stop people from just leaving after getting the weekly done.
No. But it would incentivise people to stay.. Or at least make the decision to leave a little harder and the decision to stay a little more rewarding.

Alternatively, give 1x commendation from the first boss.. 2x from bosses #2 and #3, 3x for #4 (and #5). Make it worth while doing the whole instance. Plus make it worth while for someone to join an in-progress run where the weekly boss has already been killed. Because right now, I see people who won't join a run at the minefield - because they've already missed their chance at the weekly reward. That can't be right.

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I actually laughed out loud.

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