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Heh, that's a nice video

I think Belsavis has some nice background vistas for a fight. Although the best cinematical places are of course unavailable - that would be somewhere inside a flashpoint or an Ops.

Btw I wonder how Jugg vs Sentinel would have worked out, or even vs Shadow. Single-handed saber combat animation looks quite convincing, but the set of moves is somewhat limited.

For sure that does not work with Jedi vs Smuggler: they're chopping me in pieces, but I'm still firing
Ahh yes we hadn't thought about flashpoints we'll definitely start doing some investigating. And yes we are planning on having a Knight face a Marauder or a Juggernaut face a Sentinel next go around to add a bit more style.
After 1.4 there have been odd graphical glitches that have shown up as you may have seen in the video; one of which being the light saber animations didn't show the momentum of the swing behind it which takes away the smooth flow of the swings, It's not something that shows up all the time but we're hoping it doesn't happen for the next one.
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