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Sorry but I have to call shenanigans on 600k damage. My Merc can go a whole WZ without dieing, and slapping the entire team around the whole time. You aren't going to hit 600k even if you only AoE and DoT everyone and just go for high damage. But to to hit 600k in RWZ is even harder since everyone else is a PT, Assassin, Mara, etc

And you said arsenal can get 600k damage in a rated? They cant even get half of that in a non-rated.

And "in heal gear". heal gear....dropping 600k a rated. Cmon man
Well first off I can say he does this. How do I know.. because I am in his rWZ grp. I r a Bubble support Sorc (yes I know a f***ing annoying build that is e-z mode, but I make even the best of them cry cause I play with skill and kite like that rabbit at the front of a dog race.) But he will put up amazing numbers for a gimp class and still survive like a beast with a good peel here and there and bubble stun if necessary. I should fraps a few games for your QQ woes. Considering the heal thing the only reason why his heals are 600k+ at the end of a match is cause I am there to steal some of his thunder (considering they don't count overhealing for your endgame results). When I was madness spec (still kiting like a pro) he would average even higher in and out of rWZ and 2 man premade WZ's (my sorc "Shockn'Awe and his merc "Moonrunner") and 6 pugs. I do feel merc/commando is a bit gimp 1v1 as I also have a 50 merc who is also heals (I love support) in WH and find the dps builds total **** in the 1v1 bracket. But don't bash Moonrunner cause you can't pull those kind of numbers, bash the issue at hand.

Some are more skilled then others and some rWZ teams are better then others.. If you find yourself dying a lot in rWZ you need to find a tank/melee with better peeling abilities and a healer with a since of perception to anticipate the forthcoming of someone focusing you, as this could be a total game changer for a turret like mercs/commandos. Not tryin to piss in your cornflakes bruh just informing you that this statement from Moon is true.
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