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10.26.2012 , 08:51 AM | #20
Assuming we're even on the same server, I highly doubt it, since all the characters I play are 50, and you just stated you were 35.

Flashpoints are a lot harder if you do them while leveling, mostly because nobody seems to know what they're doing, regardless of what role they're trying to play.

The point I'm making is... If a DPS seems a bit overconfident, before throwing him on ignore, think about this :

Is he causing wipes?
Is he dying?

If he's causing wipes, ask him to stop. He might be new to MMOs. Before SWTOR I had never played a game where there was anything close to a "tank". The biggest mistake you can make in this game is assuming the other players know what they're doing. I've seen so many people rage, hard, at someone that had clearly never been in that specific instance before, yet they were expected to know how to skip every pull and counter every mechanic.

If he's dying, he's probably a bit overconfident in his abilities. Is he blaming the healer or tank for his overconfidence, or is he shrugging it off and admitting his mistake?

Just because a DPS is pulling groups in a FP doesn't mean he's a bad player. It's what happens after that that is important.

The ignore list should be used as a last resort, not as a first instinct.