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Originally Posted by Efertin
2 manned the boss multiple times, zero wipes. Just saying.

Not unless you insanely outleveled it or found an exploit....just saying.
Not true, I myself did it with my brother last night. 2 bountyhunters (1 tank, 1 merc), both level 25. Not to beat my own chest or anything, but saying something is impossible while it's clearly doable is ridiculous.

I dare say it might even be easier with 2. We both have healing companions while I can offheal as a dps merc. That's quite alot of healing combined for a fight that didn't seem like it really had an enrage timer or anything. We could slowly burn them down while remaining in control the entire fight.
We did wipe the first time, having no idea what the bosses did and such. The jedi's bump and aggro switches threw us off. But once we figured it out, it was no problem.

I can see doing this with 4 people and only 1 dedicated healer could be a problem. If the group is underpowered/underlevelled dps should help out with healing.

OT: I must say it was quite surprising not to be able to CC. Before we went in the fight, we clearly had an idea that was the intent of the fight. Having said that, we also expected the 4-boss-team to work more like an actual party (1 tank, 1 healer, 2 dps). That wasn't true either. So I can see how adding CC to this fight would make it too easy.