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10.26.2012 , 07:32 AM | #203
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I have been hit by smash for 6.2k on my sorc with 1390 expertise and 18900hp.
Oh yea 1390 expertise is currently the highest possible ever obtainable in game... So 6.2k against 1390 expertise eh... RIGHTTTTTT.

Oh and before baddies come in and try to play that "get that 30% -AoE damage talent" noobcrap. News flash to bads, sorcs DONT HAVE IT. Yes this means even if I had 100 talent points to spend there's still no talent I can pick up to give me that 30% AoE reduction that all fotm has.

Ironically guess what, Operative also do not have AoE reduction talent. Let me rephrase that, operative is the one and only melee class in this game that does not have access to such talent.

Apparently people dont pvp enough to run rWZ with premades of 3 coordinating smashers maybe most servers have terribad PvP? And currently the only thing thats slowing these derpasmasher down is the chain sorc stun bubble.
New flash: Sorc bubble and self-heal is part of your AoE defense. So, is knockback with a root attacked.

Go ahead stand still and spam force lightning. Your the one inviting the Rage/Focus Warrior/Knight to drop the 'hammer' on you.