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My personal experience since moving to Red Eclipse is that imps are generally better at killing people, but rep are better at tactics.

So, I find that Voidstar is quite difficult to win because imps just chew through us very quickly and can plant the bomb before respawn, whereas games like alderaan and novare cost are easier to win because we have good communication and tactics. Huttball often comes down to gear: the premade I roll with is fresh and apart from myself the others are only in un-augmented battlemaster and recruit gear. This means if one of my team mates gets the ball they are usually focus fired before they get out of the stun. If we're quick on passes then we win, but as soon as we have to run the ball we generally die.

Ofc, its all swings and roundabouts. There are good and bad players on every team and I more often than not end up shouting at the screen when a nooby rep on my team doesn't shout out for reinforcements. If we left a recruit geared bloke to solo-defend a node then its our fault if he gets nuked. If he doesn't tell us then its his fault.
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