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10.26.2012 , 05:54 AM | #202
<< Bottom line with the current state of pvp, if there's a average smash warrior in any warzone, he'll outdamage his non-smash-warrior teammates by something like 25%. Or more. In burst. That ain't balance. >>

Vigilance should get buffed. Carnage maras can still pop very high numbers. AOE damage puts higher (highest) numbers on the scoreboard but the damage number on the scoreboard isn't telling the complete story of who was most important in the game - where a smasher may be popping high damage totals the carnage might be dealing higher damage to the healer. Watchman/Anni probably should do less damage because they also heal and much of their damage is internal if their target isn't getting constantly cleansed. And yeah, any number of classes is perfectly capable of topping the scoreboard in most games at the moment.