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Alright, so I've just recently hit level 50 with my Sorcerer (my first char) and once I finish my class story, I'm going to roll out another character.

I liked the Inquisitor storyline, some of the planetary quest chains were also engaging (I liked Tatooine and Nar Shadaa the most, I think), but let's face it: most of the sidequests (I mean both the "planetary" chains and sidequests from NPCs scattered around the planet) were irritatingly repetitive and came down to: 1) going to the Imperial outpost on the planet because Moff X needs your help with rebels, 2) crushing the rebels in the current area, 3) proceeding to the next area, because now Darth Y has trouble with gangs/Repubs/Wookies and needs our help, 4) etc.

Another problem was that the first chapter was a tad too boring, because, from the beginning, you knew you had to visit 4 planets to gather some stuff and it just turned out to be a little bit of a grind.

I know, both problems are typical for most MMO's or most BioWare games, but still, here's my question: are the Republic/LS planetary quests more diverse in the sense that it's not just about going from outpost to outpost, killing 500 mobs per area to advance to the next one and to the same (I guess they should, since the Jedi/Republic forces in general are more diplomatic and are more about peace-keeping than just destroying the enemies) and are there more story-driven sidequests that have a more RPG-flavour (I mean, talkling to different NCPs, negotiating, etc. and not just killing 15 mobs for them)?

Also, which class story is the least schematic? I mean, I want to avoid the whole "travel to the next four planets to gather artifacts, then we'll talk again" thing. Right now I'm swaying toward rolling a Jedi Knight, since I'm hoping for some KotOR-like feel to the game and maybe a little different kind of gameplay.

Thanks in advance for any responses.