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Well said. Two changes in specific that just made the Commando/Merc community w.t.f:

Assault: Sweltering heat needs to be buffed back up to 50%, honestly that is all it would take for this spec to shine. As is, 30% is next to negligible and next to useless. Either give us an on demand snare or raise it back to 50%.

Gunnery:Stockstrike and it's knockback removal. Having a root is nice but having it tied to a 4m ability on a RANGED class is incredibly awkward, competent commando's can and do make it work but honestly the mechanic is ridiculous and I'm watching the very same Commando's quickly drop the class in favor of a less dysfunctional one. Add the knockback in addition to the snare, severely reduce the amount of Resolve produced, nerf the root duration and/or even the knockback distance but we need both. Rooting a melee 4m next to you as a ranged class with 0 interruption immunity is laughable.

I could go on, the class is preposterously dysfunctional but well over a hundred suggestions have gone into this thread as is, time to read it and fix the awkward class Bioware.

I'm gonna disagree that unnerfing sweltering heat would make the spec shine. It wasn't exactly turning any heads before the nerf, I don't see why giving it back the 50% snare would change things. The snare being 50% AND having charged bolts apply it 100% of the time AND a talent high up in the tree to remove the cast time of CB might make it shine (the last might make it slightly OP, but not sure, it IS weapon damage afterall). Some sort of buff to Full Auto wouldn't be out of line either since the tree depends on the ability to reset HiB anyway.
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