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10.26.2012 , 01:52 AM | #8
Instead of Merging Jung-Ma into other servers and ruining our community and increasing overcrowding, They should open voluntairy transfers from all US servers into Jung-Ma. I know several people on other large servers who would jump at the chance to move to a less crowded server.[/QUOTE]

I wanted to post what I thought would be the most logical solution to save our last RP/PVP server. This is exactly what I think as most logical as for business and spirits and everything really.

For this same logic I wonder why they allowed so many on the RP/PVP servers to leave but I never heard word of ever allowing people who decided on this one to transfer their character or even any of the same transfer opportunities in our(RP/PVP) benefit for a change. So logically why would they allow people to leave and not allow anyone to enter as they did with other servers unless it was intentional?
We don't know why because we are being kept in the dark and loosing faith while money is being taken from our wallets so we can log in to stand on a fleet for waiting for daily pops wasting our only gaming time waiting on daily and weekly pops that rarely occur but are essentially manditory for character progression.