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1. Ops groups can not queue for normal warzones, only 4-man teams. Multiple four man teams within an ops can queue seperately, but that's still 4 man groups queueing, not an Op.

2. I was just playing around with a gear calc, and a full WH with augments and custom expertise bracers/belt is 1390 expertise. Good luck finding enough people with 1500+ expertise. (Also, most "full WH" players are actually a mix of WH and a few PvE mods, hovering around 1200-1300 expertise)

3. No. That would effectively kill the Toon with the current 8 man requirement.

Now lemme see... Find friends, get better, gear up, go read the other 4 threads on this topic, prepare to be flamed and told "L2P" by the meaner pvp'ers. I think that about wraps it up.
This. 1000 times this. I dunno if it's biologically possible but please have my babies.

Quote: Originally Posted by Chlomamf View Post
Nah, just implement a tool that makes Premades vs other Premades, fixes the entire problem. And before I get flamed with Premaders saying ''Lolololol noob that would make Premaders have to wait longer times for WZs'' yes, it would. If Premaders wanna Premade then they gonna have to wait the time for a WZ. Much more fairer for us PUGers, not so much for Premaders as they'll get stomped by other Premades much, much more often, but tough luck, that's the price ye gotta pay.

Ofcourse it's highly unlikely this idea will be implemented, but from a PUGers perspective it is a good idea. From a Premader, not so much.
First off: Fair. You keep using that word. I do not think that word means what you think it means.

Second, the last thing any MMO should do is discourage people from grouping up. That is just contraindicated in pretty much every way possible.

Thirdly, EVERYONE'S queue times would go up.
In update 2.9 the game will simply uninstall itself for you.