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10.25.2012 , 11:47 PM | #1
Duel #1: Notice the new addition to the ending :P

This is the first of hopefully many videos on the way of duels in game done by myself and a few guildies.

Keep in mind this was just our first go around so there were parts where we know we could have done better with the choreography and movement and such.
But I hope you enjoy and we'd like to ask the community to give us suggestions as to where they think it would be cool to see a duel happen(We will be using other classes for duels, it won't always be the same). Thanks!

Update #1: I've updated the link with a version that has higher quality. We unfortunately due to schedules not adding up were unable to do the next duel but we have secure plans to do it tomorrow(Knocks on wood).
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