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The Rakata then turned on the field. A stasis field activated then a large surge of what looked like electricity hit Meanken. The Rakata then shut off the device and went to make sure that Meanken was alright.

Yes. I would have expected something like a room. However I think this might be important. Then the door opened and a Rakata showed them in. The leaders were sitting there however there were two seats open. One of the Rakata spoke in Selkath. Welcome, You are part of the other people's group the other ones that fell?

Rafeesh turned to Hadock.Do any of you understand Selkath?

My part of the fleet is ready. Tell us when to go and I will go. Also on a side note. Do we have Kregan with us? And also I never learned what happened to Helvec, I have been to busy with other business. However I would very mush like to know.
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