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I meant to say "treating LGB players differently to straight players".
Well, they aren't discriminating against players on the basis of orientation (other than the delay over inclusion, but there is nothing to be done about that now short of, oh, I don't know, an apology maybe?) but this topic is being handled in a different manner on account of its controversial subject matter quarantined, as it were, for its own protection from hostile attention.

That this makes this topic less visible to the community at large (which it does) puts it at a disadvantage among other topics under discussion permitted free run of General Discussion even when they could better fit in a subforum. We are told it is a forum-wide policy to close and redirect any redundant threads. But even a cursory comparison of popular topics (Hood Toggle, Chat Bubbles, Paid Transfer, Free to Play) will quickly demonstrate that this policy is selectively enforced.

I use the term discrimination advisedly and cautiously I majored in English, I appreciate precision of definition but when one group (say, those wishing to discuss same-gender romantic content) are treated differently on that account (as is demonstrably the case) in a way that is disadvantageous to their interests in a manner that others are not likewise restricted, then that does fit the definition of the term.

Now, no law prohibits BioWare from running this forum however they like. Their roof, their rules. And I am more than free to set up my own forums to discuss this, and moderate that discussion, in any way I like within the policy of my service provider. So legally, it's all kosher.

Morally, or ethically... well, it isn't my job to tell others what is right. But it is my job to encourage them to think about right and wrong, and to listen to their conscience, and to do what they find to be right. So I present this for what it is worth as something to think about.