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To: Citizens of the Galactic Empire
From: Imperial Customs

It is to our deepest regret that all imperial customs records in your sector, E28-314-24, have been corrupted. As a result, we request all imperial citizens in this sector to recreate their records. Imperial customs has worked with the ministry of intelligence to allow citizens to recreate their records at, a local access point to the imperial network.

Imperial citizens will be able to reclaim their identity starting on SUNDAY, OCT 28th 2012 (10/28/12). As a reminder, No information regarding this new network access may be released outside of the empire - doing so is an act of treason and violators will be dealt with accordingly.


Non-rp translation:
We will begin user registration this Sunday (10/28/12) to help prepare for launch of the site. As a reminder, this site is a 100% committed project to simulating the imperial network. Members will be able to send/receive mail from one another, as well as check fake imperial banking records and the such. We do plan to work in order of the TOR timeline and periodically, we will experience drafts to the imperial army/navy/etc, as well as experience times of influenza and the such.

We will also have the ability for users to own homes, apply for "Jobs" at core services of the empire, and more - we are going for a full pledged *fake* imperial economy.

More details on how YOU can help out will be coming soon. We encourage everyone to create an account when we release the account creation process so that you will have immediately access to news from back home.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to leave a comment on this thread! - Character Armory and More | Guild: The Army of Light

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