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I love how people keep mentioning a universal server rule. I myself was not aware of the case until I came across this thread. What does this tell you? That you should not rely on an unspoken "universal rule" to govern loot distributions.

Anyone with standard common sense will roll greed for off-spec, credits, or companions. They will roll need on any item that is an immediate upgrade to what they currently have. This has been the defined 'proper group manners' since the early days of EverQuest in the very least. (For those that remember... FBSS groups.) However not everyone thinks with the same common sense, and with reason SWTOR makes it a little harder to define. Some people may consider companions a 'need' due to how often we use them.

Sure, are companions are only useful to -me-, -myself- and -I-. But what if my mentality puts my companion's equipment and survivability on the same level as my main spec gear? I am not in the wrong for thinking this way and both parties are at fault for the lack of communication and clarification. The thread creator mentioned that s/he noted there were no rules mentioned at the start of the group or at any point. Why did s/he simply not ask if there was a preference?

You will suffer similar problems when you are a pick-up' that gets thrown into a partial guild group. What if they are needing on companion gear and don't even think to consider that their PuG actually needs the gear? Different games generate different methods of acceptable loot practice. DCUO, it is not uncommon to get into a Duo or Alert and have one or two players rolling need on absolutely everything they are allowed to hit the button on. In WoW this practice is accepted at lower levels, but not tolerated very much in the higher level instances.

Even in SWToR we are getting mixed responses. "Big deal, loot is plentiful." "Shame on you, you should know better!." these type of responses only indicates that SWToR has yet to fall into a comfort zone. -slightly sarcastic comment follows- Not to worry though, when the game goes Free to Play I am sure it will shift more towards "take everything you can," for a while.
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