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10.25.2012 , 03:08 PM | #10
Ok i just did another parse for Hybrid. My Gear isn't quite BiS for 1.4 as i am missing the earpiece, 7 of the (63) armorings and both of the new relics(which aren't in game yet so it doesn't matter).

Here i parsed 1875dps over 7min.

This is on Ops dummy on a ship to avoid lag. I used 3 exotech adrenals and had an exotech stim on. I had a friend put up the armor debuff. No inspiration.

I made a few mistakes:
3 clipped Weaken Mind ticks
1 Failed force potency (used on 2 thelekinetic throws instead of FiB and TT)

I think with perfect rotation and the rest of the BiS gear, i'll hit 1900