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I have to admit I was silly to believe them too. To think they'd actually add the NPC's armors to the store....

But if they did that, it'd be a step up from the current clown-costumes, and I'd actually be able to see my character's face, but they can't have that.....

It's almost like the armor appearances have become some kind of sick joke to them. I bet they sit around trying on the outfits and do what the rest of us do: laugh. The difference is, we laugh, but then we get sad when we realize they don't really care....

12-months since this game came out, and this thread has stayed on the first page on the forums. They keep saying that even the devs want a hood toggle, but they've released 2 new tiers of gear, only 1 of which is original (and the devs admitted that they know the players think they're aweful), the other a recolor of the aweful-ness, no hood-down appearances for jedi, and now the cartel store with literally no new armor appearances.

Also, let's ignore all the screenshots, promo videos, and other forms of advertisement that show hood-down robes and other armor that's not even available in the game.

At what point do I have a right to feel misled and lied to?
Right now, pretty much. There was a nice thread entitled "Fraud" and stuff but went down quickly. Basically, someone nicely brought up what was said earlier that the Mask, Throne, Kowakian-Monkey lizard are among the items we CAN PURCHASE from the Cartel Shop. Soz, we can purchase Cartel Boxes, not those items.