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Quote: Originally Posted by Khevar View Post
Alright, let me take this point in specific.

You are 100% correct. They are absolutely entitled to an equal portion of the loot as they contributed the work.

But this is a very short-sighted look at things, and will actually SLOW your own personal gear progression. This is due to the fact that end-game loot drops (with the exception of Campaign and Dread Guard) are class specific. So when you go into a HM FP with 4 different classes, not only is there a 25% chance to win the roll, it is on top of an additional 25% chance that the drop will be for your class.
To sum:
Everyone Needs on everything == Takes longer to gear up
Everyone Greeds on everything but Needs on direct main upgrades == Quicker to gear up

THAT'S why it's better.
Yes, I understand that - but you misunderstood me.
I'm NOT talking about guild ops for Campaign or Dread gear, I'm talking about GROUPFINDER teams.

If I do an ops with my guild or pug with another guild, I will abide by whatever rules are agreed upon and I TRUST that everyone else in that ops also abides by those rules. If I can't trust my own guild, I wouldn't be in it.

But when I get teamed with random people through groupfinder, I don't know them and I certainly don't trust them.
Sorry, I'm not that naive.

Hence, if everyone rolls "need" on every loot, the random generator decides the outcome - fair and equal.
There will be no so-called ninja-looting, no violation of the "social contract".
But yes, you are correct - it will take longer to gear up. That's the price to pay to eliminate loot drama.

Quote: Originally Posted by mikebevo View Post
Yes, if they need they are entitled... entitled to get booted and entitled to get ignored. No big deal right? It could be when ignore list are shared on guild websites.

I will also say for a fact F2P is going to make sharing ignore list more prevalent not less.
F2P is EXACTLY why I'm proposing this system for groupfinder.
Just like you, I'm sure that F2P will introduce a whole lot of problems when it comes to looting.
My suggestion is simply meant to mitigate that.