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I have never, and will never understand players that act as though they should be known on site and recognized for their floating title or extensive medals. When I, in character, walk toward another player, in character, I do not see the title, name or achivements, I see what their is wearing, what their race is and so on, all visual ques. If I haven't spoken to them, in character, enough to know or remember their name in character then I act as such. In the game's FPs and OPs a lot of the top tier Darth whatevers and General whatevers do not stand out any more then a player. They make themselves known by saying who they are and expect respect based on that. If I am playing an Agent and I see a Sith Pureblood I will bow, cos that is custom, I will My Lord them, same reason, I will not call them Darth Twinkletoes cos I can see their name unless they tell me their rank and name in character. Otherwise they are just another random Pureblood or person in a cape, dress, or uniform to walk by and not care about at all.

For example:
Announcement: I am a professional artist and I draw comics.

I go to a comic store every Friday to play "nerd" board games (Archam Horror, Last Night on Earth, Munchkin, Flux, more...) and I do not expect the people there to know what I do or who I am, I do not extect them to give me more attention based on my "nerd credentials". I am just another someone playing a game with them and unless I make some announcement how are they to know who I am or what I do? There isn't a floating title and I'm not wearing a sign.

Same goes for Role Playing, how is my character supposed to know you're the next in line for the Emperor's chair or that you're the most dangerous Smuggler in the galaxy if I do not either hear about your deeds from other players, or you tell me so? From that announcement my character may also believe or not believe your character based on how you conduct yourself from then on.
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