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CHRONICLES PRESENT, 28: In which the Hand loses its grip

Time period: After Quinn leaves (don't worry, I have plans for him)

Jaesa's voice lanced through Nalenne's skull with all the delicateness of something getting violently pushed through a hangover-stuffed skull. "Holo for you, master."

Nalenne moaned. "I smashed the holo, Jaesa."

"Yes, master. We fixed it again."

"Why would you do that?"

"I…I needed to know if my fellow Light Side Sith needed rescuing."

"Right! I forgot. I guess you do need the holo for that."

Andronikos stirred and tensed. "Is Jaesa being virtuous?" he growled suspiciously.

"No," said Nalenne. "Go to sleep."

"Better not be," he mumbled, and buried his head under a pillow.

"So Jaesa, what did…oh. Ugh. The Hand is calling. Isn't it."

Jaesa gestured out toward the holo room. "I'm afraid so, master."

Nalenne belted on her dressing gown and shuffled out to the holo. Servants One and Two stared down at her with serious weighty stares.

"…Wrath?" said Servant One.

"I was out late killing things," Nalenne said defensively, trying to smooth her rumpled robe while rubbing sleep out of one eye. "For the Empire, more or less."

"We called out of concern."

"And I care why?" she yawned. The motion bounced pain through her head. She had better start drinking more soon. The persistent state of drunkenness over the last couple of weeks made fighting difficult, but it was difficult in a hilarious way. The boys agreed with her on that. And Broonmark was proving surprisingly handy with a medpac on their group rampages, so even the missteps worked out.

"You have not been answering your holo," scolded Servant One.

"Yes, that's because you've been calling."

"Of more concern is the fact that Captain Quinn has not contacted us, nor responded to our calls, for our usual strategy sessions."

"The captain ignores us," intoned Servant Two.

"Did we do something?" Servant One said anxiously. "Is he mad at us?"

"Ah," said Nalenne. "No, he's not mad, he's just not working for me anymore."

"The Wrath has got to be kidding," quavered Servant Two.

"He moved out," said Nalenne.

"He didn't tell us," grumbled Servant One.

"It was kind of sudden. I'm sure he didn't mean to upset you. Look, I don't know where he is, but contact General Slyne on Dromund Kaas and I'm sure he can get you Quinn's contact information."

"We don't like dealing with the military," said Servant One.

"The military demands verifiable credentials," Servant Two said sorrowfully.

Nalenne frowned. "But Quinn was military and he accepted your orders just fine. Mostly."

"Quinn only served us when it suited him," grumbled Servant One.

"And the captain ran our joint operations," admitted Servant Two.

"That, too," said Servant One. "Once he figured out our broader strategic vision he really wasn't taking orders so much as submitting fully polished plans for approval and lecturing us on the details we had missed in our own research."

"I miss him," Servant Two said miserably.

"Hey," Nalenne said suspiciously. "He's my husband. Get your own."

Servant Two's lip quivered. "The captain never took the Hand's hints."

Both Nalenne and Servant One stared at Servant Two.

"More than I ever wanted to know, Two," said Servant One.

"Agreed," said Nalenne.

"The Hand has been abandoned." Servant Two slunk off.

Nalenne and Servant One faced each other.

"He's taking it hard," explained Servant One.

"Yes, I noticed that."

"I take it you're going to be a completely irresponsible drain on payroll for the foreseeable future?"

"Most likely."

"I don't suppose we could pay you extra to keep the captain around? In spite of the occasional staggeringly inconvenient veto he issued, he really was a valuable asset."

"It doesn't work that way. You want his advice, call his new bosses. Now, do you have any Wrathy assignments for me?"

"No," said Servant One. "Trying to work directly with you is hopeless."

"Glad we understand each other. Now buzz off."

Nalenne hung up and checked the time. She could sleep a couple more hours before the boys were all up and ready to wreak havoc. Beautiful, supervisor-free havoc.
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