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10.25.2012 , 11:35 AM | #253
Sorry if someone else already figured this out and posted it but I didn't see it in this thread so I'll add this for those interested.

I pre-ordered CE in October before the launch.
I immediately subbed for the 6 month deal at launch and have resubbed another 6 months there after, so there has not been any lapse in my sub and I ended up with 2500, while my buddy who did the same ended up with 2650.

The difference between us? I had a character to level 50 before 1.2 and ended up with a free month and he did not. So TECHNICALLY there was a month I didn't pay for and the reason I have 150 less cartel coins.

Honestly I's rather have the extra month than the 150 cartel coins but I can see why people are frustrated by this.
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