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After reading through many of the posts here it has been made abundantly clear that many people are just not familiar with the mechanics of the game. They say they do but I've heard claims of people with 1500 expertise, scenarios where people are stunned, mezzed then stunned again, my favorite the dual AC or 31/31/31 build. So here is a list of the places I go for info when I need it:


- - This site has an awesome character builder that can help you plan your gear out well ahead of time.

- - Gives incredibly detailed info from uploaded combat logs. It even has pictures!

- - My preferred skill calculator and ability database.

- - Probably one everyone is familiar with but it has a feature I like that some people may not use. If you look up an ability and click "Effect Details" you can see a lot more info about each skill. The one I like the most which confuses many people is the "SpellDamage" attribute. It lets you know any abilities attack type and damage type, something I've seen a lot of people confuse.


- Rome-Fu's Resolve Guide - Another familiar one but I'll include just incase anyone missed it (some how).

- Taugrim's Resolve Guide - A little outdated but it does lay down some pretty specific points about resolve.

- - A great all around resource.

- - Conatins a pretty good stat guide separated by AC and talent tree. Has some info for rotations as well.

These are all things that I have used to increase my understanding of game/class mechanics. Hopefully this can help out some of out some of our new players and there may even be something experienced players haven't seen before as well.


P.S. If I missed something that you use that has been super helpful please let me know and I'll add it.
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