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10.25.2012 , 11:09 AM | #16
Most tanks guard the wrong people and don't taunt back when dps pull off bosses, so why should I expect them to be able to round up the mobs before they **** the healer?

In random HM FPs I always pull as a DPS if the tanks being slow. People overestimate the difficulty of the average FP so much to the point of tedium.

I don't want to spend twice as long doing boarding party because you're anal about CC every single pull or whatever.

And those that stop healing or tanking for DPS that pull, shame on you. You're a bad tank/healer.

When I tank or heal I enjoy it when the DPS seem to have some energy. Tanking and healing in this game is far, far, far easier to do competently than anything else, and the only way to stay awake is to have the DPS jump in guns a blazing every pull.

I'm not going to pull something I don't think I can kill before it kills me. I'm not going to pull a boss before everyone's there. But I sure as hell and going to leap/shock/thermal detonate every gosh darn trash pull on the way there, whether you're ready or not.