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10.25.2012 , 10:15 AM | #12
There are so many bizarre assumptions going on in this thread it's mind bottiling

1 - Everyone on the opposite faction is in a premade. Simply not true.

2 - there is never a premade on your team. Also not true.

3 - All premades are full augmented WH. Starting to get real ridiculous now.

4 - That we need another bracket. No we don't. If you are serious about PvP you should have had 3500 rWZ comms and 2000 WZ comms when you hit 50. that is enough to get the WH MH/OH right away. I asked this robot and here the stats for a player geared this way. 1100 Expertise is very competitive for your first day at 50.

5 - People who want to play game based on team work with a team shouldn't be allowed to do so. What the what? If anything this game encourages you to join a group. I suggest you do it. You may make some friends and improve your play.

6 - 1500 expertise, EHL OH EHL. I asked my robot friend again and this are the stats he gave me for the best PvP gear available
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