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Jorgan's behaviour towards you at the very start of the game shows how he deals with subordinates. I wanted an option in conversation that said "I may just be a Sergeant, but which of us in in Havoc Squad and which of us was posted to a miserable dead-end command on a dump like Ord Mantell?".

He's an arse and was demoted by a General. Re-promoting him gives that General the finger and puts him in authority over a model officer who had the courage to defect from the Empire to the Republic.

Jorgan can sit at Sergeant until the entire squad gets promoted when you make Major. He's a bully and I wouldn't put him in command of a latrine-cleaning duty of cadets.
Jorgan is not a bully. He's simply direct and wastes no time in getting the job done. Just because he isn't nice doesn't make him a bad solider. I met many people like him while was a US Marine. They are simply blunt people.

You're the kind of person i wouldn't have in command of latrine-cleaning. I'd trust jorgan at my back in combat. He gets the job done and doesn't worry about being nice about it.

Want to be nice, combat is the WRONG place for it.
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