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10.25.2012 , 04:43 AM | #2530
Just de-lurking (and using this as an excuse to put off more packing for my house move) to say hiya and to let you know that David Gaider is still a lead writer for Bioware - he's very active over on the BSN forums discussing Dragon Age 3 at the moment.

Hopefully with the Cartel shop on the pts now, it won't be too long before they start talking more about Makeb. I say hopefully, but not in reality expecting to hear anything until it's ready to drop. I started playing in the last round of weekend beta tests, and was in the first wave of early access - all my current characters exist purely to build legacy level/funds/crafting for when SGRAs go live so haven't really become too attached to them - my BH even
...yeah, that won't be happening when the game is complete.

And that's what it boils down to for me at the moment. I love the story, like a bit of pvp, the odd flashpoint etc, but without the inclusiveness of prior Bioware games, SWTOR feels more like a demo to me at the moment. A demo I'm thoroughly enjoying mind you, and I'm happy to stay subscribed, but if February rolls around and we're still at square one - I might have to reconsider. And it will be a tough choice, but silence can only be deafening for so long before it becomes unbearable.

I won't even start my cyborg Jedi Knight until Kira becomes available (or confirmation that she's not, although it's looking highly likely she will be, considering she's the only female JK companion) - and it's getting difficult to resist especially since all I can hear through Resident Evil 6 and Mass Effect 3 is her voice